Sweet Rickey is a collaborative, female-owned production company versed in creating original content.

We’re partnered with award-winning companies EDITBARNice Shoes, and Sound Lounge to offer the best in Production, Creative Editorial, Color and Sound.


It is an all-in experience that puts artistry first.


We care. A lot. About the work and about those we get to work with. We strive to always raise the bar creatively and with client service. We’re all about bringing joy back into the art of production.


Sweet Rickey was born to tell stories. Let us tell yours.

Kind Words

Slide "Sweet Rickey approaches every project with creativity, thoughtfulness and professionalism. Working with them for several years on various projects, I have learned that I can rely on them for their dedication and collaborative spirit, enabling me to realize creative ideas to their full potential. They are a terrific partner on every level and I can’t recommend them highly enough." Ben Raynes, Head of Production — CVS Health Slide "We love Sweet Rickey", is the one consistent comment I get from agencies and clients. On every single job. Always. I've worked with Sweet Rickey on numerous projects with big budgets, small budgets, challenging creative ideas, no time to produce projects... you name it. They have always over-delivered.

When you work with Sweet Rickey you can put a big check mark on creativity, outstanding service, top quality product, partnership, honesty, collaboration... I can keep going, but you get the idea. If you are a producer or a creative and have not yet had the opportunity to work with Sweet Rickey, I strongly recommend that you do. They are one of the most collaborative companies I have ever worked with, the service they provide is unmatched, and their willingness to go above and beyond to make your project great is unrivaled in our industry.
Alex Vainstein, Executive Producer — Freelance *Disclaimer: Sweet Rickey's admission that I am extremely handsome has not influenced my review of their company.
Slide “It is truly a pleasure to work with Sweet Rickey. They have a stable of collaborative and talented directors, dedicated and intelligent production resources, and an unflappable and good-natured attitude towards everything they do.” Karen Leiper Haffmans, VP, Executive Producer — MullenLowe U.S. Slide "Sweet Rickey embodies everything a production company should. With a diverse roster of incredibly talented Directors, wildly resourceful Executive Producers who excel at problem-solving and critical thinking, they’re able to execute jobs with agility and precision while upholding premium standards. Sweet Rickey’s ability to bundle jobs with their post production partners provides maximum efficiency. They are very creative and some of the kindest people with whom I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating!" Trish Dowley, Head of Production — Simplisafe Slide “Sweet Rickey possesses a powerful combination of comprehensive production experience, delicate grace under pressure, and an intuitive understanding of the client/agency dynamic. Their approach is consistently innovative, exhaustive and fearless which always puts our creative team in a position to succeed. Also, Vanessa and Scooter are a blast to work with as are their wildly talented directors and perfectly seasoned crew. I’m always looking forward to the next time we can work together.” Andrew Kesin, SVP, Strategy & Development — Decker