Max Esposito

Max is a thoughtful documentarian who strives to imbue his films and commercial work with humanity and compassion, through his genuine curiosity and a collaborative and calm approach.  With his background in photojournalism and experience as a cinematographer, Max is able to carefully craft intimate visual stories for large commercial productions, documentaries, music videos and modest non-profit films alike.


Max received a Citation of Merit for Filmmaking from the Massachusetts House of Representatives for work with local Veterans.  His first feature documentary, Paper Lanterns received presidential recognition and screened worldwide, as well as at the United Nations Headquarters as part of a nuclear disarmament conference. The New England surf documentary, El Chino, that Max shot, directed, and edited received international praise from film festivals, and a PSA campaign he directed for Google and She Can STEM was selected to be screened at SXSW.  Max is driven to tell meaningful stories and values collaborating with passionate people to do so.